Dr Christopher Wiley has co-organized, with Dr Iain Findlay-Walsh, a major two-day conference entitled ‘The Autoethnography of Composition and the Composition of Autoethnography’, held on 17–18 June 2020.

Hosted online by the University of Glasgow and the University of Surrey, the event brought together over 250 delegates from across the globe. It featured Professor Peter Gouzouasis as keynote speaker, multiple panel sessions (one of which was chaired by Dr Wiley), and a concluding roundtable discussion (including Dr Wiley as co-chair and speaker).

Click here to download the Conference Programme: Conference brochure PDF

For the video recording of the conference, please contact Dr Wiley directly.

The event followed a previous two-day international conference on music and autoethnography held at the Institute of Musical Research, London in April 2018.

For additional information and the call for papers (now closed): https://goldenpages.jpehs.co.uk/2019/12/09/the-autoethnography-of-composition-and-the-composition-of-autoethnography/